Bank of Montreal

Redesigning Condition Management

Create and manage all terms and conditions of home applications to the bank.

Case study

Creative direction


Creative direction

Starting off

Baseline information learned from underwriters for homeowners using the standard three (3) systems:

2-3 days for customers to complete their journey
24 hrs to approve homeowner applications
45 mins to complete the purchasing process

Mistakes made in the process

No feedback for customers

Approach and Methodology

A user-centered focus and a lean design direction where testing early and often is normal.


I gathered insights based on existing data from the P.O and current users and existing design. I learned the mortgage process and defined what exploration would look like.

Explore and Create

I looked at original designs, current exploration, business and user needs to define how to explore each task and create high-fidelity wires to get feedback from the agile team and users.

I created component features based on tasks to be done. Managed the project to completion on-time.


Delivered high-fidelity wires and prototype to learn and adapt

Results and expectations

Delivered high-fidelity wires containing features through one system.

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Final checkmark, continue to monitor