Bank of Montreal

Redesigning Condition Management

Create and manage all terms and conditions of home applications to the bank.

Case study

Creative direction


Creative direction

Starting off

Baseline information learned from underwriters for homeowners using the standard three (3) systems.

Learned from user needs shared in chunks as i got ramped up on the project. I already started some design based on the information I had...and shortly after, the P.O would knowledge share to help me understand the entire scope of the project. Not the ideal process, but I was flexible.

Approach and Methodology

Based on my environment, my focus was to understand current state and take a lean design direction where testing early and often is normal.


I gathered insights based on existing data from the P.O, current users and existing design. Through knowledge, I learned the mortgage process and decided on learning more about the existing systems that were being used and what the current process looked like.

Two legacy systems being used to process mortgages
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Explore and Create

I looked at designs and exploration work that was done before me, business and user needs to decide how to explore each task and create high-fidelity wireframes.

I naturally had to bypass the low-fidelity wireframing stage and quickly adopt a lean design approach based on UX principles and an existing design system to complete the first task at hand to get feedback from the multifunctional agile team.


Delivered high-fidelity wires and prototype to learn and adapt

Results and expectations

Delivered high-fidelity wires containing features through one system.

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