Hey I'm Roger Ennis.

I’m a Toronto-based experience designer with a background in visual design for print and front-end development.

I have about 6+ years of digital experience in various industries such as marketing, financial, Telecommunications, Auto, Criminal offense and insurance.

In my next UX role i'm looking for a culture that encourages continuous learning, humility and simplicity.

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How I started Experience design

Experience design found me.

I enrolled in the Interactive Multimedia graduate program at Sheridan college because I wanted to couple my design skills with front-end development and remove capability limitations. I had no idea that I would be learning and eventually choosing this path.

What I've been working on

I've been exploring figma, practising design thinking, and learning with my family.

I've been exploring figma because of its collaboratively focused capabilities. I'm finding it has a few limitations because it's young but, I really like it.

Practising design thinking and prototyping skills to help others get ideas going, work done on projects and launching new products.

I've furiously learning what it is to be a man who is a believer in today's culture. While loving my wife and playing my major role in raising our kids.

What I'm curious about

I'm curious about current and future technology.

I recently worked on the funding stage of an Augmented and virtual reality app website, so during research for the project my curiosity has peaked. I'm now intentionally searching for and using apps with AR /VR.

Get in touch

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