Faith Gospel Tabernacle Ministries

Reimagining An Organization

A much needed and complete redesign that was a long time coming.

Case study

Creative direction


Creative direction
Visual Identity
Business systems

Starting off

The stakeholders and workers at this organization really disliked the look of their website and the design that they used on a daily basis.

  • The existing logo design was done years prior.
  • Unsatisfied with their current visual presence.
  • Design was done in-house with no design department.
  • Needed a functional website for new and existing users.


My initial thought was to bring the client along each phase of the design journey so it was easier and faster to make decisions, but sometimes smaller organizations have a some politics as I found out. So, to get past this smoothly, I looked for opportunities to build relationships and understanding who the primary decision makers were.


I spent a few weeks diving into understanding. There was no baseline data to work from so I dove in looking into competitive information, matching client needs and defining success metrics. I met formally with the main stakeholders to understand clearly their needs were. As a result received references of the design elements they wanted to incorporate.

Plan of Approach and methodology
Discovery of needs from stakeholders
Design of Faith Gospel Tabernacle Ministries in 2016
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I started to play around with the logo lockup using the cross(t) and colour to see what would actually work and whether it met accessibility standards. I kept the client included as much as possible to get the feedback that was needed to make the logo lockup and best colour they preferred from the swatch they gave me.

Exploration of the new look and feel. Working within the set restrictions.


After initial feedback and a few revisions I arrived at just the right design direction that would satisfy the primary stakeholders without going overboard. This direction created all the artifacts that the stakeholders requested.

New logo versions on clear background
New logo versions on background
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FGTM icons
FGTM web elements
FGTM web elements
Website screens on a phone
Website screens on tablet
Website screens on a desktop
Presentation slides


Before launching we made sure to test and iron out bugs within the team because there were a lot if logistical moving parts like who would upload content or organize information on their end. I was able to train their team on how to use their new website cms and later, deliver a few more artifacts.

For future releases we'd use the data to identify areas of improvement, or as the stakeholders brought a need forward.

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